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Taliban and other bullies

I decided to write a little about those pissant, little bullies, the Taliban. For basically that’s all they are, bullies. Just weak, snot-nosed punks. True they may make themselves out to be strong militants, upholding the strict rules of their religion, but who really believes that other than themselves. Reason I call them bullies comes from their recent actions in Pakistan. It was here that just recently they decided to shoot a fourteen year old girl named Malala Yousufzai. Her crime was basically blogging, starting from the age of eleven, calling for the rights of women and young females. So, with this threat against their precious rights as a group, the righteous Taliban boarded her school bus and shot her in the head. Then they shot two of her friends. Now, here’s where these bullies are so pathetic. They shot Malala, yet she is not dead, nor are her friends, though one is in critical condition. I actually find this funny, because how sad do you have to be to shoot someone that close and yet not kill them. Are they guns that inferior, that poorly manufactured? My friggin’ root, and just how bad of a shot is that jackwad? He probably went home and beat his donkey. So, today the Pakistani government flew Malala to the UK so that her skull can be reconstructed. She may not have a completely normal life again, but as a young girl in Pakistan did she have one to begin with. Her shooting has done one thing, and that’s bring this to the public eye, and just show how small these losers are. The Taliban has basically shown themselves to nothing more than schoolyard bullies.
Speaking of bullies, a death/suicide of another young girl has brought more public light to this. A few days ago, October 10th to be more exact, a young Canadian by the name of Amanda Todd committed suicide to end the harassment and bullying. There are of course the asswads who are saying she deserved what she did, that are making fun of her plight, and these people should be neutered so as not to pass along their stupidity. Did this young, naïve girl make mistakes? Yes, she did. Did she deserve her fate? No, not by a long shot. Harkening back to a previous post, the internet helped further her demise. First on a webcam chat she was bullied/coerced into flashing a pure stranger. This stranger (a male, though who really knows if it was) being the asswad that he/she was passed this along across the internet. Of course her classmates took full advantage of this. For what’s more fun than pointing out the stupidity, the mistakes of someone else. She moved, which in time before the internet would have solved most of it, did not as the asshole used the picture of her chest as his profile picture on Facebook. It was after this that she made her second, and possibly bigger mistake by “hooking up” with a boy in her school who had a girlfriend who did not take kindly to this. Amanda’s side to this was the guy had her believing that he really liked her. Alas, she was ganged up on by the girlfriend, which with this day of the internet was filmed and pictures were taken of her in a ditch which were then passed along over it. Ah, kids are so kind to each other. Her family moved again, but of course due to the internet her new school already knew of her and she was harassed endlessly with photos of ditches and other such shit. Finally, enduring this for as long as she could, having no one to turn to, she took her own life. A sad and tragic ending to someone so young. No charges will be filed against anyone involved. For charges can’t really be filed against just being an ass. Nor am I under the impression the Police have any idea who the ass was who posted the initial photo of her chest. Because that’s what the internet is all about, being an anonymous asswad. Will her suicide change anything? Nope, I have a better chance of going on a date with Taylor Swift than this occurrence changing how the internet is run, or laws against bullying. I have gradually come to the conclusion that most of society sucks, that we basically treat each other like shit. I was told recently by an old friend that he found this outlook saddening. But with this and the above story, can my opinion be wrong? Can anyone tell me differently? If so, please feel free.

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