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Penn State and Gun Controls

So, yesterday the proverbial hammer fell on Penn State. The NCAA decided against the “death penalty” and instead hit them harder than that, and in different ways. They have been hit with a sixty million dollar fine, which is equal to what the football program would make in one year. This money will be taken and put into a fund and used to create a nation-wide program for youth that have been sexually abused, and education against such abuse. They have been banned from any bowl games for four years, and will lose forty scholarships in four years. Also, Penn State will vacate any wins from 1998 to 2011. So, what does all of this mean? This will cripple the football program beyond the four years, possibly for many years afterward. No top football athlete will even consider the college, letting the program to languish in obscurity. Even if they do win, the team can not go to a bowl game. There will be virtually no coverage beyond Penn State playing a top ten team. Thankfully the NCAA has allowed any football player to transfer to any school without the usual year-long halt in playing. Perhaps more telling this takes away the long-wanted NCAA Division I title for most wins from Joe Paterno, which from what I can see is why he covered up the Sandusky abuse. Why else would he? The school has already taken down the statue of Paterno and brought it inside the field, away from public viewing. However some have asked why punish the players/students that had nothing to do with it? Regardless of right or wrong, this is the way its always been handled; the present is always punished for the past’s wrongdoings. Those topped-ranked players at Penn State will easily be picked up by another school. Those not were more than likely not going to make it to the pros anyway. Though who knows, perhaps some may show what they can do, not being behind a star player. Nor will it hurt the school that much, as they are losing only one year of gate, which astounds me. To think that a college’s football take is sixty million. The way that the surrounding area has backed Paterno and the school shows that there will always be plenty of people to fill those seats. However all this means nothing compared to possible civil suits and the federal government possibly looking into all of this. Looking at this from afar, I can honestly say I am satisfied for the most part. I’m not sure how much more could have been done without completely shutting down the program altogether.

James Holmes, the Colorado shooter, had his day in court yesterday and pleaded not guilty. Which was not really a surprise. Some think he is going to go for the insanity defense, though from what I understand that is quite difficult. From what I understand the person can not plead insanity if the crime was done in anger or in revenge. There has been a gag order placed on the case, so not sure how much will be said on the why of what he did. At this point there has of course been a huge outcry for new and stricter gun control laws. I’m sorry, but no. I do not think something like that would help. All it would do is cause true enthusiast to be hurt by restrictions. If someone wants to kill a bunch of people or just one there are always ways around laws. Hell, they’re criminals aren’t they? Chicago, from what I heard, does not allow handguns in public yet there are thousands of shootings per month. New York City has some of the strictest gun controls in the Nation yet there are numerous crimes committed all the times with guns. My Uncle hunts and have never heard of him shooting anyone. My parents own a couple shotguns and a pistol and nothing has happened. I am sure there are plenty of others who own guns and nothing illegal has ever been done with them. Yet, I do think something has to be done. One thing is not allowing any purchase of assault rifles. Once again, why is there any need for anyone to own an M-16 or AK-47? None that I can see. Another possibility is tracing purchases. I know in my state, MA, you need a Firearm Identification Card (FID) to buy and own a gun. You are stopped while hunting by wardens to see said card. I do ask if every state has such a thing? But said FID can easily be scanned each and every time a purchase is made. If there are numerous purchases made, ammunition stockpiled, these can be forwarded to the ATF or FBI, and the investigated. Oh I am sure some jackasses will shout that this would be like “Big Brother” looking in on us, but would some small loss of privacy be better than them losing any right to own a firearm. The shooter bought a stockpile of ammo, a drum that held a hundred rounds, and four guns including an M-16 in a matter of months. All done legally. If all of this had been traced, this tragedy may have been prevented. The prosecutor of course is looking into the possibility of the death penalty, but won’t decided for a few months, and it may be a year before he once again sees the inside of a court room. But I’m hoping that there are no knee-jerk reactions and completely overhauling gun laws.


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Jul. 25th, 2012 12:26 am (UTC)
Depending on what type of guns you have/want to purchase you need a License to Carry (LTC), which has different classes/restrictions opposed to just having a FID. One of the guys that Holmes had is an AR-15 rifle (AR starts for Armalite Rifle, the original manufacturer, not "assault rifle"), which are uses in rifle competitions, or at least that is what my husband uses when he goes to rifle matches opposed to his normal pistol competition matches. In MA there are still restrictions on how much ammo that magazine can hold, 10 rounds unless the magazine was manufactured before the assault weapons ban went into effect.

I definitely agree that stricter gun control will not do anything. All of the news reports that I heard is that he purchased all his gun related paraphernalia legally. They also stressed that most of it was purchased online. As with everything else, buying ammo is cheaper online than in a traditional store, although is can be difficult to find places that ship to Mass.
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