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(as always this will be filled, unless otherwise quoted, completely my own opinion)

I awoke this morning as I had the previous morning at 5:30 a.m. However this morning instead of political news, I listened to a report over the airwaves of an early morning shooting at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater. During a late-night showing of the new Batman movie, a man now know as James Holmes, first threw a supposed tear gas bomb into a filled theater and then proceeded to shoot up the joint. After fifteen minutes there were at least twelve people dead and about fifty people wounded. The numbers at the moment vary depending on which report you are looking at. The Police were able to apprehend him, along with his assault rifle, a shotgun, and a pistol. He told them of his apartment, which is booby-trapped, and right now they are trying to disarm the bomb. So, who is Holmes? From what I understand he is a twenty-four year old Caucasian male who was attending Colorado State as a neuroscience student. He had recently moved into the apartment, and the car he was driving had Tennessee license plates. The big question of course is why. That we may never know. Perhaps he will say something, perhaps something in his apartment will tell the true story. I’m not sure it really matters on this tragic day. But of course by 9am EST both sides were making political stances about this shooting. Calling for gun control, supporting the Second Amendment. It got to the point where I left the social media. But my question is this, and I’ve always wondered this, and maybe the gun-rights supports will answer this; Why would you ever need an assault rifle? You wouldn’t need it to go hunting, for unless you suck you would only need one or two shots. And if you sucked then you shouldn’t be hunting. And unless a group of ninjas were attacking your house, one shot would deter or stop a common criminal from attacking your house. Hell, if you were looking to protect your house, a nine-shot 9mm would do the trick. But to those who think that taking assault rifles off the market will lead to a domino effect of them controlling more and more guns, I remember them saying the same sort of thing with Vietnam and Communism and I don’t remember that taking place. Do you? And at this point I think hunting has become ingrained so much into society they couldn’t stop that sort of gun. As to James Holmes, this is the type of crime that they made the death penalty for. It’s too bad they no longer hang as I would love to see hum strung up. Nor do I care if he snapped, this was planned too well to be insanity, but then neither do I feel any sympathy if he was. But this will change how movie theaters conduct business, and how the public will go to the movies. The same way that Columbine changed schools, which is only twenty miles away.

In other news I finally took myself to a matinee and caught the new Amazing Spider-Man. After the debacle of part 3, Universal decided to retool the story and put Peter Parker/Spider-Man back into high school. Which is more accurate than the last part 1 that they did a few years ago with Tobey Maguire. I will have to say as an overall movie they did a pretty good job with it. They had Flash Thompson with him being an ass, Aunt May and Uncle Ben, and best of all Gwen Stacy! Yay! And I just have to say Emma Stone looked the part and did a great job with the role. Hell they even had Captain Stacy, and I’ll get to him later on. But I was happy for the most part. They changed the spider-origin a little but not enough to annoy me. Unlike the first movie, this one had Peter creating his web-shooters, his costume, and him being an utter geek. Here I will ask, did anybody have Andrew Garfield doing Peter Parker remind them of Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates? The way he stuttered and hesitated while talking, the head movements, the whole meekness. Anyway, I thought they did a great job with the Lizard and was happy to see an older villain than the Green Goblin. Perhaps one of these days we’ll get the Rhino or Mysterio! As you may have guessed I am an old fan, and I am also very anal about how they take comics/books and make them into movies and here’s the only problem I had with the movie, and that was with the death of Captain Stacy. Captain Stacy was not gutted by the Lizard, he was killed by Doc Ock by a falling building, and Gwen blamed Spider-Man for said death, bringing a wedge between her and Peter. But that was my only problem really, and I guess I can live with it. So, if you’re seeing this movie going off the last movies, or even off the recent history then you should like it without having any problems. If you’re like me, you still should like it, but with a little less enthusiasm.

As to me, well I received a letter from Sterling on Tuesday telling me that the job was filled. They said that my experience was impressive but they went with someone who had a better history. Which, I’m sorry to say, is bullshit. I don’t think they ever bothered contacting my references or the Steakloft at all. I think someone just had a connection or kissed ass better. So, I am back to looking. I’ve applied to four jobs already and will look a bit tomorrow morning. Beyond that I haven’t of course been doing much. Dad came home from the hospital on Monday night as so far seems to be doing well.

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