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The Eyes Have It

It's been almost two months now that I have since lost vision in my right eye. Longer actually considering the why and how of it. What was that now that I've been seeing Dr. Raisman for the past eight weeks? We're not exactly sure how it all happened but here's what we've been able to piece together. Somehow bacteria got in my eye which in turn caused an infection on my cornea. What we think happened then is the infection caused the flare-up of my Uvietis. It was this which flared up over a prolonged period of time caused a build up of eye pressure which killed my optic nerve. Not the tiny nerves that I thought might have been disrupted but the main nerve that would allow what my eye sees, to my gigantic brain, and back to my eye basically showing me what I see....

So, like I stated in my last post I am blind in my right eye, totally and as of right now permanently. However after doing some research, I have found that there is some doctors doing research using stem cells to regenerate/replace optic never cells. Interesting in that one of the doctors is at Children's Hospital in Boston, the same hospital I go to. The good thing is, is if some of this research works my vision would come back as the eye itself is good. I am adjusting to not having vision in the right eye. I've been able to drive without any problems and I have found it easier to do than walking in public. Why? Well, mainly because when driving everything for the most part is in front of me. I can't see to my right but unless some asswad cuts in front of me or merges into my lane I can see. Walking in public is a different matter entirely. At work I try to time my being in the halls when the students are in class. If not I stand to the side or duck into a classroom. At the Steakloft I have run into the food runner twice and come close to a waitress once because both don't look where they are going nor tell me where they are. (I haven't quite decided if I'll stay on there). But I've come close to running into people who come out of "nowhere" on my right side. I can get disoriented if I try looking at something and then looking back to where I am going. I played softball the other day and stumbled and fell going from first to third. I picked up second but as I turned the corner I tried picking up third but lost my balance as I tried to re-orient myself. I stumbled, felt my left hammy pull, and then fell and tumbled. Overall I felt I did okay picking up the ball both in the field and at the plate, I just have to get used to things. I am not considered disabled as my left eye works normally. That is the main thing right now, keeping the left eye working. Which is why I visited with Dr. Krishnan yesterday and actually had a portion of my faith in humanity restored...

My trip actually started at the Porter Square stop for the Red Line where my Mom and I were catching the subway into Boston. I think the MBTA have started plastering my face around as someone to ask as I was asked for directions. The first time was here as I was asked by a gent where he could get a train to Braintree. I showed him on the map, how to buy a ticket, and left him to go on his way. The appointment was fun itself and did not go as well as I had hoped. I had a field vision test, had my eyes poked and prodded, and pictures taken of my eye. I felt bad for the technicians in the field vision and the photography as I could not see anything out of my right eye. In the field vision test I just sat there with the clicker until she stopped it a few seconds later. It hurt in the photography as I couldn't see the flash in the dilated eye. It was when we switched to left eye that I felt like Raymond Burr in Rear Window for when the picture was taken the flash lit up my eye, turned the vision purple and then slowly faded into regular vision. But things did not go as well as hoped as the pressure in the left eye has remained a little high at 18, which if it stays there could mean an increase in Combigan. The vision in the left eye has decreased in regard to down and to the right. I did notice that that area looked fuzzy, similar to what the right eye sees. So that could be from that. I will be going back in Sept. to do the test again. However I will be seeing Dr. Raisman on July 11th so it's not like I'll be going long between visits. It was on the way back that I was stopped by a family who got off at the wrong stop and needed to know how to get back to where they wanted to go. Speaking of wrong trains, we got on the wrong train heading back to Concord and found we were on an express to South Acton bypassing our stop. We talked to the conductor who suggested a cab in South Acton. We got off the train, he stopped us and asked us what we planned on doing. He then went and started asking departing passengers if they were travelling near to Concord. Of course many passengers just walked on by but one guy stopped and said he would be passing nearby. He then agreed to not only drive us to the Concord station but agreed to drive a cute redhead to her car in West Concord (she also getting on the wrong train). He also declined my offer of money when he dropped us off. It was quite nice of him and restored a smidge of my faith in humanity.

Well, that is my update on my eyes. Next post I hope to write about scandals.

Oh and today Aaron Hernandez was arrested and charged with Murder One. This will be interesting...

How I Lost an Eye

I don't remember everything that evening. I had met this tall, gorgeous blonde at a bar. I bought her a few drinks, we talked, and she asked me back to her place. In the cab things started to get fuzzy and I remember waking up hours later my face in a sink of ice, my right eye gone, probably already sold on the Black Market... wow talk about your urban legends....

Okay, what actually happened was I walking out in Rutland a few weeks ago when I was stopped by this old guy I'd never seen before. He asked me if I wanted to meet Kate Beckinsale for a drink. I replied "I'd give my right eye to have a drink with Kate." Sonovabitch took me seriously...

Alright, another try at this. Remember that old saying "It's always fun and games until someone loses an eye."? Well, I found an old set of Jarts in my basement so I asked the elderly next door if they wanted to play. We set up the course and things were going along just swell until one woman's hip replacement slipped and the jart instead of going up went at my right eye...

Okay, okay truth be told we're not exactly sure what happened or when really. All I know is this. A couple weeks ago I went into the ER and found that my eye pressure was up to 67. Uvietis had decided to rear it's ugly head. But here's where it becomes a bit strange, I had gone into the ER thinking there was something in my eye or I had cut it somehow, not thinking my eye disease had flared up. I spent the night at the ER then saw an ophthalmologis the next day who confirmed everything. A week later I was at Dr. Krishnan's office. You know it's not going well when he comments "What's going on in there?" while looking at your eye. So here's the skinny... it seems that I have a nasty infection on my cornea. This in turn may have caused the Uvietis to flare up. The only problem, there were no symptoms to anything. I had had cloudy vision but I had had that before from dry eyes. But the eyes were never bloodshot, nor were they ever sensitive to light, nor up until the end was there ever any pain. So, what Krishnan and the cornea specialists can figure is that this went on for a prolonged period of time causing as one termed it " my eye had a heart attack". All this destroyed the optic nerve costing me total vision in my right eye. You read that correctly, I am now blind in the right eye. I can see light if I look at a light or the sun and if I wave my hand in front of it I notice something breaking the light. But I actually don't see anything nor will I ever again. This is a permanent status. I will admit it is strange knowing your eye is open but you don't see anything out of it. Thankfully because I had the left eye operated on a few years ago, I can still legally drive. It will take some adjusting as I can see things straight ahead and to the left, but if something come from behind to the right I won't. I should be able to keep my job at the school as most of my work is straight ahead, but I have yet to decide on the Steakloft. Depending on things I may have to quit and perhaps get another weekend job. But at this point am I considered disabled when applying? Do I get special seating now at concerts and sporting events? I will admit the next time someone complains about having a bad day I'm going to poke them in the eye and say "How's that, asswad?" Right now I am still on tons of flibbin medications. One is Diamox that's for eye pressure and it sucks. It causes my toes, heels, and fingers to go numb/fall asleep whenever they feel like it. I am also on an antibiotic, the strongest prescription one I can get though that's not working well enough so they may have to open an i.v. bag and put some of that shit in an eye dropper. All I can say is I'm tired, worn-out, tired of wanting to fall asleep at three PM, of feeling like not eating/nausea every day, hell just tired.... But that's the actual truth of how I lost my right eye or at least it's vision.

Hollywood lost two legends this past month, one past and one present. The past one was Deanna Durbin who passed away in France at 91.http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/movies/2013/05/02/deanna-durbin-obit/2129781/. I've always found her to be a better talent than Judy Garland. I must say I've never been a big fan of Garland's. I think Durbin had a better voice, a better actress, and heck just plain more attractive than Garland.

I think part of Deanna's problem was partly that she retired at the age of 28, though at the height of her career she had a huge drawing power. Like Garner she mainly did musicals but she did other fare like the mystery "Lady on a Train". But Deanna also wasn't embroiled in gossip like Garland was and lived basically a normal life.
The other legend was Jeanne Cooper who passed away recently at 84. I grew up in the early 80's watching her playing the character Kay Chancellor on the Young and the Restless. For years she added a touch of class, style, of just plain chutzpah to the show. While it was before my viewing she had an actual face lift done on the show... well the before and after. Jeanne will be sorely missed.

Final Thoughts on Marathon Bombing

It ended quickly and yes, in a cliched blaze of glory... After Monday's bombings the Boston Police were able to put out photos and videos of the two bombing suspects. Their names aren't important, nor do I feel the need to give them the publicity. Suffice to say they were two young men, originally from Chechnya but have lived here for a few years now. Both actually went through the Boston school systems. At some point something changed at least for the older brother. There's been talk of being a radical Muslim. So, to those who all week had been spouting about not jumping to conclusions, I try not to but it would be easier to not jump to any if we were proven wrong at some point. But the whole thing was quickly brought to a head Thursday night when the two ambushed (supposedly) an MIT officer ( Shane Collier ) who was investigating a disturbance. The two men (brothers it is now known) shot up the man, carjacked a car, and were on their way. They had another shoot-out with an MBTA officer, who at the moment is still in critical. The older brother was shot and killed, and allegedly run over by the younger who fled in the car wounded. This was early Friday morning. Throughout the day the Police shut down the entire towns of Watertown, Newton, and Cambridge. Shut down all bus service, the MBTA, and Amtrak, thus closing off almost all means of escape for the second bomber. I kept up with the happenings at work, at the hospital, and finally watched the aftermath at home. It was sort of ironic how everything ended. It was closing in on dusk and they had just called off the lock-down in the towns. A man walked into his backyard, noticed a smidge of blood on his boat, peeked in under the tarp, and lo and behold there was the second bomber. Quickly it was over, and the bomber was taken into custody where he is now under stable condition having been wounded the night before. He was not Mirandized and is being treated basically as an enemy combatant. So, technically it is over.... At this point I would like to thank the Boston Police, the Watertown Police, Mayor Tom Menino, and somewhat Governor Patrick. They all did a fantastic job in bringing this to a satisfying end. Hopefully at this point things will slowly get back to normal. I had intended the past few weeks to catch Jane Monheit in Boston on Saturday. However even with things at and end I still had no urge to go down. Instead I sat at home and watched baseball. At some point within the next few weeks I will force myself to go down into Boston. Will it feel strange? More than likely yes. But still what then? Do I watch everyone with a suspicious eye? Do I jump at every bag I see just lying around be it plastic or nylon? Every time a foreign person walks by me, do I watch to see what he or she does? I think that's where it differs from what happens in the Middle East. Because this does not happen every day, we are not used to bombs exploding in our neighborhoods. We have not been trained to be wary of anything and everything. But unfortunately at this point in time, things have changed. We are no longer alone/isolated from this. 9/11 I think was different from this in both how it was done and what followed afterward. Boston was done at a sporting event where everything should have been innocent and peaceful. Not only that but after, the perpetrators were still on the loose. And I think that's what kept everyone on edge, the not knowing if something else was going to happen.
Of course people are still politicizing this. Glen Beck has actually come out to say he has proof this was actually created by the Federal Govt. and Barack Obama. I'm sorry but I can not take that seriously. Others are also saying, including now the ACLU, that the bomber should have his rights. To that I say "Fuck You". He does not deserve any rights to a lawyer and such. Why should he? I would like to be able to glean everything I can from this piece of shit, without fear that some jackwad lawyer is going to have him not answer questions. I think this will be my final post on this for now at least....

Revenge Porn, What Is It?

Revenge porn... I came upon this term a week ago on Twitter thanks to Amber Valentine, the singer of Jucifer. At first I thought it was just one of those fetish porn styles where the woman "supposedly" is smacked around or some other form of violence that really isn't. Or the violence was there ala some sort of underground filming. Revenge porn is neither but an actual revenge brought about petty exes. Basically what this is, is at some point in a relationship one of the pair ( though usually is the woman ) agrees to pose for provocative or nude photos, or allow herself to be filmed having sex with their partner. Though their permission isn't always needed with some of their partners. What happens is at some point in time the relationship goes sour, and the rejected partner decides to "get even", because "hey, nobody dumps me." With that and with the aid of the internet, they post the videos to whatever site they can upload it to, tweet the links, plastering their compromised partner all over the internet just so they can embarrass them. Basically they have taken advantage of someone's trust and corrupted it. I'm sure some of the readers here will think "hey, they were a consenting adult, did something stupid, that's what they get." It's because of this callousness that this goes unpunished. Ask yourself this, have you done something not entirely stupid but something you regretted afterwards? Something you wish you could undo, and hoped nobody found out about? Maybe you were at a party, got extremely drunk, pissed yourself, and everybody stood around snapping photos of such an act. Now let's say when you went to work/school/wherever the next week everybody laughed at you. How would you feel, and be honest. Now tenfold that reaction to you having sex with somebody off camera, because of course their face won't be shown. Would you be able to go back to work again, be able to face your college classmates again, hell face your family again. Because somebody you know will see it. If you think your male friends ( perhaps even a few women ) don't watch porn then you are either severely naive or disillusioned. So, now your sex tape has been seen and all you want to do is something to gain some semblance of your life. Because unless you're Kim Kardashian, you don't want your life based on a sex tape. But what are your options? Well, not much especially when it comes to the legal system. For one thing this is done over the internet so the ex can always hide themselves behind an anonymous profile which most sites will not give up. Hey, freedom of speech and all that shit. Plus the police can't do much as this is more of a federal crime as it's more nationwide due to the internet. Die to this most legal authorities will claim this is a civil case not a criminal one. Should this be a criminal act, something that should be punished by jail? Yes, I believe so. For the petty jacknob of an ex has or could basically destroy the other's life. The internet while world-wide is also for the same reasons very small. Things like this get around very quickly and if the right (wrong) person sees it then it gets spread to those who don't pay attention to the internet. Parents could disown you, workplaces could fire, and depending on how long has transpired whole families could be torn apart. And so one video could destroy someone to the point where suicide is committed. And yet, nothing is done to the one who puts the video up on the internet.... So, what I suggest is going to the site here http://www.endrevengeporn.com/ sign the petition, and spread the word.
Now this is of course if both parties are of-age. That is not always the case as it happened with these two;
http://www.mediaite.com/online/horrific-17-year-old-girl-commits-suicide-after-being-raped-and-bullied-with-photo-circulation/ & http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-audrie-pott-suicide-shame-20130415,0,7774718.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+lanowblog+(L.A.+Now) While those who raped and posted these photos can be tried, it is still difficult to charge as they are hard to track and coerce those at the parties to give them up. Hopefully in the case of these two they will be and charged not only with rape but also second degree murder.

In other and more recent news there were two explosions at the end of today's Boston Marathon. Three people are reported dead with what looks like many more others injured. From the sounds of it, shotgun pellets were planted with these bombs in order to create shrapnel and cause as much damage and terror as possible... people really truly disgust me. I really have no other words for this just yet as I will await further news.

Young and the Restless turns 40

Yesterday the soap opera The Young and the Restless celebrated its fortieth anniversary. Yes, you read that correctly, the show has been airing for forty years. A rare feat in this day and age where a hit show lasts maybe ten seasons at best. Especially when soaps are being cancelled left and right. Once soaps ruled the daytime airwaves, running from 12:30pm until 4pm on all three major networks, now I think you're lucky if a handful of soaps survive. I won't get into the possible reasons as this is not about such things. Created by William Bell, Y&R first aired on March 26, 1973. The show did center on different families than it does today. Though one should expect some changes after forty years correct? Though also some things have stayed the same, and for that I am grateful. My name is Tom Johnson and I am quite glad to call myself a fan of the Young and Restless.

I started watching the show in the Summer of '84. I was thirteen. I forget the exact reason why I started watching. I know I was on summer vacation and was out of school. Perhaps it was raining, maybe I was home, grounded, or something, because at thirteen you really didn't spend much time inside. At least you didn't back then. But I did tune in. I remember one of the first story-lines was Jack (then played by Terry Lester) and Nikki (still played by Melody Thomas) having an affair at his beach house. Yow! I will be honest that at thirteen I more than likely became hooked by the soap because, well because of all the attractive women. What self-respecting, hormone-filled teen wouldn't be? I think my first two crushes on that show were the original Jill Abbott (Brenda Dickson) and Lauren Fenmore (Tracy Bregman). One of the first stories I do remember was Lauren being stalked by the villainous Shawn Garret. That and the story involving Cricket, Nina, and Aunt Rose. Who could resist all the beautiful women and excitement. Paul and Andy being P.I.s, along with Victor and Jack. I do miss such characters as Miguel and Maimie, John (though he does show up from time to time)... it's been a long time hasn't it? So, why does a straight guy of forty-two watch a soap? Because I like to. For me as I grew older, it became an hour of mindless fun. Yes,mindless... no offense or insult meant to the show. But for me it was an hour where I don't have to think. I sit there and just enjoy the show. That's not to say the show doesn't cover heavy issues, from abortion to alcoholism to an important child character dying,and with recent ongoing stories of Nikki's MS and Kay's possible Alzheimer's. But for their about characters I care about and the show doesn't browbeat me with politics, religion, or anything I can get from the news. Though the reason I enjoy Y&R over any of the shows is it stays rooted in the norm. I'm not seeing possessions, aliens,mystic cities, or anything else completely over the top. I will admit I do think they could have done more and a better job with the recent bullying story. As a fan of movies like Casablanca, Peyton Place, and Picnic I just enjoy the melodrama, the romance. Call me a geek but hey the chicks like Sharon and Lauren are still easy on the eyes.

So, yes I have been watching for thirty years. To be honest it hasn't been a continuous run. Back in 1984 you didn't have VCRs to tape the show and watch later. So, I watched on days off from school. Later on I started reading Soap Opera Digest to keep up with what was going on. When I graduated high school I was able to watch at work, waiting tables/seating customers during lunch. It was when I went to college Y&R helped me meet one of my better, and long-time friends. During lunch one day, somehow Young and the Restless came up in conversation at the lunch table, and a fellow student chimed in that she also watched. So, after that we would scoot over to her dorm, down to the basement and watch Y&R. So, thanks to the show for starting a friendship, one of the very few of mine, that has endured for twenty years. It wasn't until a few years back that I stopped watching due to my infliction with an eye disease which came with a nice case of glaucoma. Unable to really endure the glare from either the television or computer screen I stopped paying attention. It wasn't until a year ago that I decided to get back into watching the show. I was quite surprised and glad to find that most of the actors and actresses I had grown up with were still playing the characters. True, some things have changed, new characters have been introduced, but in this day and age, it is easy enough to catch up. It has also been my dream to write a mystery storyline for the show and see what I can come up with some of my favorite characters. No idea how to go about submitting such as this but maybe down the line... Well this has been my celebration to one of my favorite shows. Happy Fortieth Young and the Restless, may you have many more.

Deporting Germans & Prom Dates via YouTube

I would like to see if anyone can explain this. In 2010 a German family wanting to home-school their six children, filed the correct papers and was subsequently granted asylum in the state of Tennessee. Evangelical Christians, the Romeike family wanted to home school their children as they thought the schools in Germany went against their religious beliefs. However, starting in 1936 this type of education was banned by none other than Hitler. Now, here's where it gets interesting. Once again, the Romeikes filed the correct papers and LEGALLY were granted the freedom to do such in the US because that's the US is all about correct? Freedom from persecution and freedom of religion, education? Or am I wrong here? I must be because starting in 2010 the US Attorney General Eric Holder has fought this asylum in the court system and is planning on deporting this family. Back in Germany this family can face persecution if they try to home school their children. The kids can be forced to school, and even taken away from their parents. So, Mr. Holder there's no persecution they would face? Also, at this point isn't the White House trying to make the thousands of illegals in the US, legal so that they can stay in the US and not be deported? So, if this family was from Mexico or other Latin American country, sneaked over the border, and falsified documents they'd be fine? If they were worth votes in the upcoming elections they'd be allowed to stay? That's the only way I can see this. Somebody correct me on this please.... http://thegazette.com/2013/03/24/fighting-germanys-home-school-ban/

Onto my main point which is something I just find annoying as all get out. It's coming on prom season which once again at least one loser is making a video to ask a celebrity to his or her prom. The most recent one asking out Kate Upton. Who? I don't really know who she is. No, I don't find these videos cute, adorable, or what not. I find them annoying as hell, pathetic to be less nice. Yes, I find these people to be losers, for isn't that why they are asking these celebrities out? Aren't they asking these celebs out because they can't find a date in their school? At least that's the way I've always understood it. I mean they must be a complete loser if they can't find someone, for why else would they take to YouTube? What, you mean they would do it for attention? They would make some asinine, completely moronic video so that they could show off their "trophy date" and rub their schoolmates faces in it? Why, that's just silliness.... But that's basically what they're doing isn't it? They ask out some model, porn star, singer so they can show off some attractive date to their friends, and perhaps rub in the face off the chick or male who turned them down sophomore year. I would hope these kids are checked out by security for what happens if something goes awry? Shit, I haven't had a date in ten years. Should I make my own video, perhaps out Selena Gomez for coffee? Maybe Jaimarie Cherie for a manhatten and dinner? I'm sure I could come across as charming but pathetic at the same time.
And yes, I do think this goes for those in the military who have done the same thing. And don't get me started on the sick kids who make pages or videos so they or their family can force celebs to come and meet them. Yes, I see it as forcing because who in their right mind would say no? The negative PR backlash would just be incredible especially in this day and age. They would be inundated with e-mails, hate mail, perhaps even picketing their movies, concerts, and such for being an "uncaring asshole". But what about the thousands of sick children who never get to meet their idols because they don't have the wherewithal to make these annoying videos? Or those lonely ones who really are alone and would like a date to their proms? Because have you noticed, most of these kids really aren't that unattractive...

School and Culture

First off, Happy St. Patrick's Day.... a day for some to pretend they're Irish, wear cheesy green, and get really drunk. Not my thing even though I am a good portion Irish. My job at the school is going well. I had my annual review last Wednesday and it went well enough. Janet told me it was a bit tough reviewing my work as I had only been on the job since November, and she doesn't see me most of the time. But from what she's heard of me from others that do, she liked and was able to give me a Basic+ rating, almost a Proficient. Not too shabby as I probably would have given myself the same thing. Coming from a corporate setting it has taken me some time to get adjusted to a school setting and how things are done. For yes, it is different.I have not been in a high school setting since 1988, and charter schools are different than most regular schools to begin with. With that in mind I have found schools or at least the students to have changed in the past twenty years. Not really for the better I must admit. The kids come across a bit more punkish than they were in '88. They have less respect, less class, just less courtesy. Oh I am sure this does not hold for all kids today but I will say a good 75% of the student population. Bullying seems more prevalent than it used to be. True we had bullies back when I went to school but they were also handled differently. At some point the bully was stood up to and fought. You can no longer do that for the bully's parents may just file a lawsuit, for what parent believes their "little Jonny/Mary" is a bully? So with that in mind they are treated and punished differently in school. Learning is also different in schools. They are allowed calculators in their Math classes, something I was never able to do. They are allowed to use them on their SATs, something I would have loved as I suck at Math. Teaching now has been geared towards results on testing and nothing really else. So, the teacher is restricted in what he or she can teach and how things are taught. I will admit that I have found charter schools to be a little different in these areas. The school I work at is not restricted by the state curriculum. We still have to give out the MCAS (state testing) however the teachers can prepare the students differently, and can also teach off different books and such. I do like the idea of charter schools. They are non-union and with this the teachers are held accountable to I think a higher degree, for they can not fall back on a Union to help keep their job if they are lacking in performance. From what I understand charter schools are created in cities, larger towns, and are geared towards helping those in poorer districts. I'll have to ask as I'm not sure if they would be available in smaller towns like mine. However it seems their district/reach is larger for kids from surrounding towns are welcome. They are much smaller than regional high schools or big city schools. My school is allowed only three hundred and sixty students from grades 7-12. Right now we have about 340. The students at my school also come from other schools because of numerous reasons... some were bullied, some have discipline problems, some perhaps came because their parents like the thought of smaller classes and a more "hands on" approach the students are given. I have found that two female students have kids and this is generally accepted. Something that was not done back in '88. Heck, I find the students today to be a bit more sexually active today. Not something I really like. Talking to the nurse one day I found that we are one of the few schools in MA that does not hand out condoms. I have found cliques surviving in school, but with the smaller population I find the students somewhat forced to befriend others of differing personalities. True, at lunch they sit apart, forming their own tables. You can see them, the "cool kids" the geeks, the one girl sort of sliding from table table looking for acceptance and popularity. I have found some of the kids to be more punkish than they used to be, perhaps in accordance with lack of discipline found in today's thinking. I have found them to be coddled more, less punishment for doing wrong. There is no afternoon afternoon detention at the school, and I think generally students are less disciplined than what their was. I think this partly stems from parents being too lenient on kids. I have seen some students, especially from this sentiment, who are truly looking to learn. From what I have seen at this school, is that the teachers come here truly looking to teach. I'm sorry but I don't think this is the case in most regular schools. I'm not sure if some teachers have just become lazy, uncaring, or beaten down, maybe a combination. The schools have a tight budget, something the public always rails about, yet when offered to help by raising taxes, well that all flies out the window. Well, I think that is enough from me today...

Catching up on Politics & Personal Items

So, it’s about time I sat down and caught up on things both news-wise and personally as there have been things happening on both ends. First off the biggest news is that on November 6th, Barack Obama was re-elected President of the United States. Was I happy with this? Not in the least but I see no reason to go on a tangent about how bad of a decision this is. I do think this will go badly for the most part at least economically. People can say all they want about gay equality and other social issues, but unless the country is actually running then all that means squat to me. I would really rather not see the US become what Greece has. So, what lost it for Mitt Romney? Was it incessant bashing from the left? To a point I think that helped, however I think the main factor was his own party screwed him. It was reported that three million Republicans stayed home on Election Day. Nice way to support your candidate. I also agreed with a conservative radio program in that I’m sure some Republicans also went into the booth and voted for either Ron Paul or the Libertarian candidate, which meant their vote was useless. These Republicans who did not want Obama to win and did either basically handed him the election. Yet, these are the same jacknobs who will sit on their ass and complain to anyone and everyone how bad their country is. What a flibbin’ joke.
Speaking of jokes, Benghazi is still one. They are holding meetings on this in DC to find out who knew what and when and why Susan Rice went out five days after the attack still saying it was because of a video, which is was not. Now what annoys me is during the election Obama came out and said he knew quickly that it was a terrorist attack and said he called it such just as quickly. This was before Susan Rice went out that Sunday morning. However the head of the I.A. came out and said that he or his agency changed the “talking points” which is what Rice went by, this after he said previously that he did not. All I know is this is a mess, and either shows utter incompetence on the White House.
The third joke for this posting is that the NHL is on the verge again of losing yet another whole season. At what point do the owners pull their heads out of the collective asses? I have gotten to the point where I resigned myself to no hockey this year, and I really don’t care if there is any. A sad statement from a long-time hockey enthusiast. Perhaps before the 2013 season begins (hopefully) a trip to Toronto and the Hockey Hall of Fame will be in order. I have tried to look at both sides in this but at some point the owners have to take the blame for this and the mess they have made.
A so-called fiscal cliff is looming at the end of this year. What exactly is this? Technically it’s the Bush tax cuts ending and a whole bunch of tax increases smacking the crap out of people who will not be able to handle them. So at this point Obama and the House are purportedly in negotiations to not allow this to happen. However it has occurred to me that the left really isn’t negotiations but is basically bullying the right into agreeing with what they want. I have found Barack is good at this, if you don’t agree with what he wants he’ll come out and tell the American people you don’t and then lay all the blame on you. So, has Harry Reid and a few others. From what I’ve seen, the only thing the Dems have of correcting this is keeping the tax cuts to some but raising taxes on the rich and that will fix our whole economy. Magic! However the left will not agree to any spending cuts which are what the Republicans want. Does that make sense? It’s almost like they think the country has an endless supply of money, almost like a thirteen year old with their parents. Yet, of course the Republicans will be blamed if everything goes to shit. I have found that to be the way and I have also found that my so-called liberal, open-minded friends are actually the least tolerant. They can make cracks about Romney and the Republicans all day long yet, if you don’t agree with them or make a joke about Obama you are called an ass or worse. Sort of funny isn’t it? I made a joke about the US becoming Greece and was called a loser first and then an asshole. Melissa Joan Hart, a conservative actress, was called a fat cunt and worse when she came out in support of Romney. True I’m sure Republicans do the same thing, but we’re supposed to be the stupid, narrow-minded right? The Democrats are supposed to be above that correct? Yet I find that they are better doing it and are quicker to bash the right.
On a personal note I finally have a job! Woohoo! I started on Halloween and now work at North Central Charter Essential School. My official title is Day Porter and is a new position for the school. I work a little under thirty hours a week, yet will end up making about what I was making over at Macys. Basically what I’ll be doing is a little cleaning, a little maintenance, be in charge of the morning deliveries, and anything else that needs to be done before I leave at 12:45pm. After a month I can say I like the job and the people I work with. It’s a small school, with about three hundred students attending. My graduating high school class had more kids in it. Its run a little differently than what I am used to, but I like the concept. It is as you can tell a Charter and my favorite part a non-union school. Now that’s what I like to see. Since the start of my new job I haven’t had much time to do much other than attend the Harvard/Yale football game and catch Amanda Palmer in concert. Both were on the same day, a Saturday that I took off from work. Harvard won the football game, a close game. It was a cold day, with not much sun and where I was seated a nice, cold wind coming through. Brrrr. But I enjoyed it and that’s all that counts. Dinner was had at a small, Italian Restaurant in Allston, and then I hit the Paradise Rock Club to finally see Amanda Palmer live. I will admit to leaving early, though that was after seeing her for 90 minutes. For the most part I really liked the show. I could have done without the openers as they were basically just part of her backing band members who have their own schtick. Meh, I was not really impressed, and would have rather seen an actual opening band. I’m sorry but I really didn’t need to see/listen to two guys playing A-Ha and Journey on the sax. But hey for the most part I enjoyed the show, and once again that’s all that counts. Anyway I think that catches me up to where things are at this point.

Taliban and other bullies

I decided to write a little about those pissant, little bullies, the Taliban. For basically that’s all they are, bullies. Just weak, snot-nosed punks. True they may make themselves out to be strong militants, upholding the strict rules of their religion, but who really believes that other than themselves. Reason I call them bullies comes from their recent actions in Pakistan. It was here that just recently they decided to shoot a fourteen year old girl named Malala Yousufzai. Her crime was basically blogging, starting from the age of eleven, calling for the rights of women and young females. So, with this threat against their precious rights as a group, the righteous Taliban boarded her school bus and shot her in the head. Then they shot two of her friends. Now, here’s where these bullies are so pathetic. They shot Malala, yet she is not dead, nor are her friends, though one is in critical condition. I actually find this funny, because how sad do you have to be to shoot someone that close and yet not kill them. Are they guns that inferior, that poorly manufactured? My friggin’ root, and just how bad of a shot is that jackwad? He probably went home and beat his donkey. So, today the Pakistani government flew Malala to the UK so that her skull can be reconstructed. She may not have a completely normal life again, but as a young girl in Pakistan did she have one to begin with. Her shooting has done one thing, and that’s bring this to the public eye, and just show how small these losers are. The Taliban has basically shown themselves to nothing more than schoolyard bullies.
Speaking of bullies, a death/suicide of another young girl has brought more public light to this. A few days ago, October 10th to be more exact, a young Canadian by the name of Amanda Todd committed suicide to end the harassment and bullying. There are of course the asswads who are saying she deserved what she did, that are making fun of her plight, and these people should be neutered so as not to pass along their stupidity. Did this young, naïve girl make mistakes? Yes, she did. Did she deserve her fate? No, not by a long shot. Harkening back to a previous post, the internet helped further her demise. First on a webcam chat she was bullied/coerced into flashing a pure stranger. This stranger (a male, though who really knows if it was) being the asswad that he/she was passed this along across the internet. Of course her classmates took full advantage of this. For what’s more fun than pointing out the stupidity, the mistakes of someone else. She moved, which in time before the internet would have solved most of it, did not as the asshole used the picture of her chest as his profile picture on Facebook. It was after this that she made her second, and possibly bigger mistake by “hooking up” with a boy in her school who had a girlfriend who did not take kindly to this. Amanda’s side to this was the guy had her believing that he really liked her. Alas, she was ganged up on by the girlfriend, which with this day of the internet was filmed and pictures were taken of her in a ditch which were then passed along over it. Ah, kids are so kind to each other. Her family moved again, but of course due to the internet her new school already knew of her and she was harassed endlessly with photos of ditches and other such shit. Finally, enduring this for as long as she could, having no one to turn to, she took her own life. A sad and tragic ending to someone so young. No charges will be filed against anyone involved. For charges can’t really be filed against just being an ass. Nor am I under the impression the Police have any idea who the ass was who posted the initial photo of her chest. Because that’s what the internet is all about, being an anonymous asswad. Will her suicide change anything? Nope, I have a better chance of going on a date with Taylor Swift than this occurrence changing how the internet is run, or laws against bullying. I have gradually come to the conclusion that most of society sucks, that we basically treat each other like shit. I was told recently by an old friend that he found this outlook saddening. But with this and the above story, can my opinion be wrong? Can anyone tell me differently? If so, please feel free.

Not Always Okay to Cheer.....

I decided to talk about sports today as I came upon a subject I thought needed talking on. This past Sunday the Kansas City Chiefs were playing the Baltimore Ravens. At a point in the game Matt Cassell, the KC quarterback was hit hard and had to be helped off the field. As he was being replaced by Brady Quinn the crowd cheered. Not because Quinn is a great quarterback and the fans wanted him in, but because they wanted Cassell out and so basically the fans were cheering Cassell getting hurt. First before I get too far into this a little background on Cassell. A few years ago, Cassell was the back-up to Tom Brady and when Brady went down injured, Cassell replaced him and the team went a very respectable 11-5 and just missed the playoffs. At the end of the season Cassell signed with the Chiefs but has struggled on the team. To be honest the Chiefs have been a bad team for a long time, they had a few good years here and there but for the most part have pretty much sucked. Cassell’s failure to lead a piss-poor team has not gone well and the fans wanted him off the field. Does this excuse the fans cheering when he was injured, most likely with a nasty concussion. It’s not like Brady Quinn is any sort of star quarterback, his last good year coming a few years ago in college. Offensive lineman Eric Winton being on the field heard and understood the cheers, and laid into the fans after the game. Of course the fans went after Winton, not taking the blame for anything nor owning up to what they did. True, like Winton I’m not saying all the fans that day cheered for the injury but those who did should admit to their disgusting behavior. Yes, I think their attitude is disgusting. Just because you buy a ticket does not allow you to do or say anything you want to. Sorry I don’t agree with that asinine attitude that some fans have. I’ve never understood this sort of attitude. Does this mean I never have done this? Certainly not, however I’ll cheer for this because the player is an asswad not because he’s a bad player. Right now there’s two that I would like to see get injured; Vick of the Eagles I would love to see get snapped in half, and Nick Swisher, because I just find him to be an arrogant ass. Being a long-time Saints, Red Sox, Bruins fan I’ve had my years of shit teams, dealt with it and moved on. I know that a bad player at a certain point in time gets traded, sat, cut, or sent down to the minors. Their poor play gets them replaced so I’ve learned to be patient. To root for somebody to get hurt just because they aren’t playing well is just simply idiotic and shows what sort of fan you are.
Speaking of assdwads, Jerry Sandusky was sentenced yesterday to at least thirty years in prison. At the age of 68 he will most likely die in prison, which is just fine with me. What astounds me is right up until the sentencing he was and still is denying his crimes. He is saying that it’s all a set-up that he was framed so that the school could get monetary gains along with people… it’s sad and disgusting. I do wonder at what point he finally comes to grips and admits. Or will he continue along like OJ Simpson did?
The MLB playoffs started last weekend and with a horrendous call the Braves were eliminated, thus ending the storied career of Chipper Jones. Thankfully there are other teams in the playoffs I can root for, namely the Tigers, Nationals, and Orioles… though as long as the Yankees, Giants, or Cardinals don’t win I’m fine.
There’s a month to go in the election, with Romney basically in a dead heat with Obama. This partly after a great showing by Mitt in the first debate. The White House has finally come out and said that the attack on the Libyan embassy and killing of the four there was not an act of violence against the video. What? You mean they lied? Covered things up so they wouldn’t look bad? Why that’s just crazy talk. Either way it does not look good on Hilary Clinton or the State Department. Will heads roll? Only time can tell on that one.