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Final Thoughts on Marathon Bombing

It ended quickly and yes, in a cliched blaze of glory... After Monday's bombings the Boston Police were able to put out photos and videos of the two bombing suspects. Their names aren't important, nor do I feel the need to give them the publicity. Suffice to say they were two young men, originally from Chechnya but have lived here for a few years now. Both actually went through the Boston school systems. At some point something changed at least for the older brother. There's been talk of being a radical Muslim. So, to those who all week had been spouting about not jumping to conclusions, I try not to but it would be easier to not jump to any if we were proven wrong at some point. But the whole thing was quickly brought to a head Thursday night when the two ambushed (supposedly) an MIT officer ( Shane Collier ) who was investigating a disturbance. The two men (brothers it is now known) shot up the man, carjacked a car, and were on their way. They had another shoot-out with an MBTA officer, who at the moment is still in critical. The older brother was shot and killed, and allegedly run over by the younger who fled in the car wounded. This was early Friday morning. Throughout the day the Police shut down the entire towns of Watertown, Newton, and Cambridge. Shut down all bus service, the MBTA, and Amtrak, thus closing off almost all means of escape for the second bomber. I kept up with the happenings at work, at the hospital, and finally watched the aftermath at home. It was sort of ironic how everything ended. It was closing in on dusk and they had just called off the lock-down in the towns. A man walked into his backyard, noticed a smidge of blood on his boat, peeked in under the tarp, and lo and behold there was the second bomber. Quickly it was over, and the bomber was taken into custody where he is now under stable condition having been wounded the night before. He was not Mirandized and is being treated basically as an enemy combatant. So, technically it is over.... At this point I would like to thank the Boston Police, the Watertown Police, Mayor Tom Menino, and somewhat Governor Patrick. They all did a fantastic job in bringing this to a satisfying end. Hopefully at this point things will slowly get back to normal. I had intended the past few weeks to catch Jane Monheit in Boston on Saturday. However even with things at and end I still had no urge to go down. Instead I sat at home and watched baseball. At some point within the next few weeks I will force myself to go down into Boston. Will it feel strange? More than likely yes. But still what then? Do I watch everyone with a suspicious eye? Do I jump at every bag I see just lying around be it plastic or nylon? Every time a foreign person walks by me, do I watch to see what he or she does? I think that's where it differs from what happens in the Middle East. Because this does not happen every day, we are not used to bombs exploding in our neighborhoods. We have not been trained to be wary of anything and everything. But unfortunately at this point in time, things have changed. We are no longer alone/isolated from this. 9/11 I think was different from this in both how it was done and what followed afterward. Boston was done at a sporting event where everything should have been innocent and peaceful. Not only that but after, the perpetrators were still on the loose. And I think that's what kept everyone on edge, the not knowing if something else was going to happen.
Of course people are still politicizing this. Glen Beck has actually come out to say he has proof this was actually created by the Federal Govt. and Barack Obama. I'm sorry but I can not take that seriously. Others are also saying, including now the ACLU, that the bomber should have his rights. To that I say "Fuck You". He does not deserve any rights to a lawyer and such. Why should he? I would like to be able to glean everything I can from this piece of shit, without fear that some jackwad lawyer is going to have him not answer questions. I think this will be my final post on this for now at least....

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