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Revenge Porn, What Is It?

Revenge porn... I came upon this term a week ago on Twitter thanks to Amber Valentine, the singer of Jucifer. At first I thought it was just one of those fetish porn styles where the woman "supposedly" is smacked around or some other form of violence that really isn't. Or the violence was there ala some sort of underground filming. Revenge porn is neither but an actual revenge brought about petty exes. Basically what this is, is at some point in a relationship one of the pair ( though usually is the woman ) agrees to pose for provocative or nude photos, or allow herself to be filmed having sex with their partner. Though their permission isn't always needed with some of their partners. What happens is at some point in time the relationship goes sour, and the rejected partner decides to "get even", because "hey, nobody dumps me." With that and with the aid of the internet, they post the videos to whatever site they can upload it to, tweet the links, plastering their compromised partner all over the internet just so they can embarrass them. Basically they have taken advantage of someone's trust and corrupted it. I'm sure some of the readers here will think "hey, they were a consenting adult, did something stupid, that's what they get." It's because of this callousness that this goes unpunished. Ask yourself this, have you done something not entirely stupid but something you regretted afterwards? Something you wish you could undo, and hoped nobody found out about? Maybe you were at a party, got extremely drunk, pissed yourself, and everybody stood around snapping photos of such an act. Now let's say when you went to work/school/wherever the next week everybody laughed at you. How would you feel, and be honest. Now tenfold that reaction to you having sex with somebody off camera, because of course their face won't be shown. Would you be able to go back to work again, be able to face your college classmates again, hell face your family again. Because somebody you know will see it. If you think your male friends ( perhaps even a few women ) don't watch porn then you are either severely naive or disillusioned. So, now your sex tape has been seen and all you want to do is something to gain some semblance of your life. Because unless you're Kim Kardashian, you don't want your life based on a sex tape. But what are your options? Well, not much especially when it comes to the legal system. For one thing this is done over the internet so the ex can always hide themselves behind an anonymous profile which most sites will not give up. Hey, freedom of speech and all that shit. Plus the police can't do much as this is more of a federal crime as it's more nationwide due to the internet. Die to this most legal authorities will claim this is a civil case not a criminal one. Should this be a criminal act, something that should be punished by jail? Yes, I believe so. For the petty jacknob of an ex has or could basically destroy the other's life. The internet while world-wide is also for the same reasons very small. Things like this get around very quickly and if the right (wrong) person sees it then it gets spread to those who don't pay attention to the internet. Parents could disown you, workplaces could fire, and depending on how long has transpired whole families could be torn apart. And so one video could destroy someone to the point where suicide is committed. And yet, nothing is done to the one who puts the video up on the internet.... So, what I suggest is going to the site here http://www.endrevengeporn.com/ sign the petition, and spread the word.
Now this is of course if both parties are of-age. That is not always the case as it happened with these two;
http://www.mediaite.com/online/horrific-17-year-old-girl-commits-suicide-after-being-raped-and-bullied-with-photo-circulation/ & http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-audrie-pott-suicide-shame-20130415,0,7774718.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+lanowblog+(L.A.+Now) While those who raped and posted these photos can be tried, it is still difficult to charge as they are hard to track and coerce those at the parties to give them up. Hopefully in the case of these two they will be and charged not only with rape but also second degree murder.

In other and more recent news there were two explosions at the end of today's Boston Marathon. Three people are reported dead with what looks like many more others injured. From the sounds of it, shotgun pellets were planted with these bombs in order to create shrapnel and cause as much damage and terror as possible... people really truly disgust me. I really have no other words for this just yet as I will await further news.

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