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Intervention, the Election, and Me

In the massive slew of reality shows, some that are just plain ridiculous or annoying, there’s one that I’ve found interesting. The show being Intervention, which is just what one would think it is, a show about interventions. I’ve only watched it twice and it seems different than the usual crap that passes for reality, in that it seems realistic, not rehearsed not fabricated reality. I watched an old woman snorting meth one show. Nor is this an easy show to take, which is perhaps why I like it. Another reason I’ve watched it, is because it hits home. If I was a little weaker I could have ended up like these people. You, see I am an alcoholic. I do not belong to AA, nor was I ever the stereotypical alcoholic. However I know I could have very well been. Simple as that, and I accept it. I have been sober almost twenty years now, I think the last time I was drunk was the night before my brother’s wedding, and they just celebrated their twentieth anniversary. I can allow myself an occasional drink, but that is rare, and only one for I don’t trust myself. I am not sure how others react but just looking at a drink my body tenses, its like not eating for a day and then seeing food. After blacking out a good thirteen times I decided it was enough and quit. Though it wasn’t like quitting cigarettes which I found easy enough, I know with alcohol I need to stay away. Hopefully the show Intervention shows what others deal with, and not only helps the abuser but the family also. Shows them that things can get better, that there are ways to get help even if you think the person is a lost cause. To me the only lost cause is the one that is dead.
Tonight is the first of the Presidential debates, and the election is just over a month away. Of course things are getting nasty, blame has been thrown around and so have been the lies. After a week the White House finally came out and said that the attack on the US embassy in Libya was an act of terror. This is after denying this for some time. Why? Was there something to hide? Did they think they were going to lose face, points in the election, what? I will admit I’m confused on this. What also confuses me is that I have yet to really see any mainstream news coverage on this fact. What they did report on was how Romney jumped to a comment on the attack just a few hours after it. Hell, at this point even some Democrats are asking for answers as to what exactly happened, when people knew, and why things weren’t done to prevent it. I doubt any answers will be forthcoming until after the election. Though just like the failure of most of his economic policies, the mainstream media really isn’t saying much against Obama, which is just amazing. On this date, Romney is a few points below Obama in the polls and not really gaining much if anything. I’m hoping the undecided will watch, and hopefully see the real Romney. To do that Romney has to explain what he can do to fix things, and show who he really is. Where I live in MA there is a Senatorial Race perhaps just as decisive as the Presidential. What astounds me on this is the comments last week by some MA voters, or more precisely Democratic voters. Some have come out and said they think Scott Brown has done a good job in DC yet this time around will vote by party. Pardon? I’m sorry, but that’s just silly. Why would you do that? True, I admit I’ve been a registered Republican since I was 18, yet I have considered Democratic candidates or third party candidates before. But to say you think someone’s doing a good job and then to vote them out not because you think your candidate will do a better job, but because they are of your party is just mind-numbing. At what point do we have intelligent voters? Perhaps instead of voter i.d.s we should voter IQ cards, have them take a test before they vote. All I can do is let out one, big sigh…
Yesterday I had another job interview. My fourth since May 1st. I think it went well, but who knows, never sure if I say too much, not enough, the wrong thing, or what. Like I said, this is my FOURTH interview and haven’t been hired yet. The job does sound cool, being a day porter at a charter school, basically doing odd jobs around the place. I’m supposed to find out either way on Friday. If not perhaps I’ll look into injuring myself and going on disability. Not much else is really going on. I got 2009-11 filed to MA Revenue, and I’m wondering once things are finished on their end if I’ll get the $600 I’m supposed to be owed since I had to refile. I still have to track down my 2007 W2 and then I’ll file that one. I finally was able to pay off my car and that should be insured this week. I am finding some pretty interesting articles to read further on while researching medical examiners from 1930-1945. Hopefully this will get my ass back to writing soon enough, as I just don’t have the urge to. Next month is a big month for music as Orianthi, Colette Carr, and the Mediaeval Baebes are coming out with new stuff. Yeehoo, and Debbie Gibson may finally be coming out with something new! That is exciting news! Finally the baseball playoffs are starting this week. I’m hoping the Braves and Orioles end up in the World Series, though for the most part I’d be happy with just about any team other than the Yankees and Cardinals. The big news here is that the Washington Nationals finally made the playoffs, the first time ever in their history, Chipper Jones is back in to the post season and will retire at the end, and Miguel Cabrera could win the Triple Crown, the first AL player to do so since 1967. Schnifty….

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