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Embassy Attacks

Alright, there is a lot going on with this, very quickly, and sometimes at the same time so I will bracket a few things off (mainly my own opinion) to make things a little easier to read and understand. On Tuesday, September eleventh, the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 attacks there was a protest staged outside the US embassy. Muslim extremists tore down the US flag, burnt it in protest and raised a black flag. Hours later another such protest was staged out the US embassy in Libya. This time the protest turned violent as US ambassador Chris Stevens along with Sean Smith and two others yet-named were killed in this protest. According to a recent CNN report the cause of his actual death is yet unknown. {According to some of the reports Stevens warned of extremists in the area and nothing was done to increase security. Yet back when the warning was given, ’08, Qaddafi was still in power…} As of today there are numerous “protests” going on across the Middle East, and now these extremists are attacking other foreign embassies; Germany and Britain. The first response by the embassy in Cairo (the first protest) was to apologize for a movie. {what movie? It seems these Muslims were protesting some movie called ‘The Innocence of Muslims”. However this is now in question. I have actually seen the trailer that was to incite these riots. It is what I would call a modern-day Ed Wood movie; poorly acted, slip-shod sets, and just poorly written. It was as if they took some church group and had them do some religious history. The movie was created by an anti-Muslim Jew living in CA. His initial response to the riots and deaths: to paraphrase “It got the response that I wanted”. So any means to an end eh? Who cares that innocents were killed and more perhaps before things settle down. The way the movie portrays Muhammad, it’s as if this was the only reason to make the movie, some piece of schlock with no greater thought than to incite a reaction. I liken the trailer to the cartoon Family Guy which seems to do things just to shock, not to shock and make you think afterward which something well-done should. True I believe in free speech and all that, but to do something just to piss someone off isn’t a good reason. However does this forgive the actions of these terrorists? Sweet Mother of Mercy no, not in the least. It seems these Muslim extremists take umbrage at anything, be it a cartoon, a book, a movie, anything that’s perceived as an insult at their precious Mohammed. It’s funny that they are the only ones who do this. Catholics are poked fun at almost on a daily basis and yet when was the last time they did anything violent in nature? I’ve never heard of a Buddhist doing anything, and what about atheists? I would think if I called one a “godless freak” the most I’d get is a fuck you. Yet Muslims seem so thin-skinned that nothing even in jest can be said. Are they really that unsure in their faith? That childish? } Back to the embassy apologizing. Upon first hearing this I was quite annoyed, disheartened to hear such a weak-willed response to violence. Would a stronger response, a bullet across their bow put a halt to things quickly? Who knows… but hours after the White House rescinded the initial response, said that it was not cleared through the White House. Yet I did not find much stronger words used by both Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama the next day as they addressed the situation. Nor does it show much strength when Marines are moved in to provide security yet weren’t given live ammunition. Mitt Romney came out against the apology quickly and may or may not have been in the wrong here. However it was also my response, I just didn’t say it publicly. Plus at a press conference the next day Mitt actually stayed and took questions afterward, something the President did not do. Let it also be noted that later that day Obama took off to Vegas for a fund-raiser. Yes, I know with today’s technology he could stay up to date with everything, I just think in good taste he would have been better served staying in Washington for at least a day with everything going on. So, when the actual smoke clears what then? Do I actually believe that this was staged over a movie? No, can’t say I do. The trailer had been on YouTube since July and they just decided to get pissed off and riot? There has been actual talk of this being an Al Qaida uprising also, both in how the Libyan embassy was attacked and how they knew where Stevens had been taken. Egypt will also have to answer for how little it reacted and protected the embassy as the Police could have stopped the mob but didn’t. How I’m not sure, but I do think the billions going to them should be halted. As for now I will wait to see the outcome before writing further.
This week also ends the NHL CBA and things do not look good. Right now as far as I know Bettman, Fehr, and others are meeting to hopefully agree on a new CBA before a lock-out occurs and a possible season is lost. What are the owners looking for? Astoundingly, they are looking for the players to take a pay cut? Pardon? These are the same owners who have been doling out multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts for the last few years, especially this past off-season. So, where’s the logic in that? Hopefully these owners will pull their heads out of their collective asses and do something intelligently. If they don’t want to spend money then don’t give out stupid contracts that you can’t afford.
There has been no movement for me on the job front. I talked to Fran a little last Friday and no decision had been made yet, as she still had a few interviews. Nor have I heard back from the school job I applied for. Hopefully soon. Nor have I received the W2 I ordered from the IRS almost a month ago. It was supposed to take 5-10 days… at this point I’ll send in the three that I can and send in 2007 after I receive the W2. That should take care of everything. Beyond that, there isn’t much going on. I’m going to start doing research on coroner reports at the hospital library and maybe get back to writing my novel. I have been reading a very entertaining book “Today is Tonight” by the late Jean Harlow. It’s better than I thought, and she is a better writer than I would have given her credit for. A hard book to find but if you can I highly suggest it.

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