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Some Views on Social Media

I’ve been meaning to write on my views on the Social Media for some time now and finally given the urge and opportunity, I will do so now. So, what exactly is social media? Well, it seems to basically be a place on the internet where you can be social, or anti-social depending on what your urge is. At the beginning you had such places as chat rooms and then the web really blossomed to where you had Myspace. Myspace as a place to go has basically become passé, and has now become a place for bands to post their music. The two main places for this is now Twitter and Facebook. Both have their pros and cons, and that’s really what I wanted to write about. True, you have other places like blogs, and other places, though I won’t get into the evil that is YouTube where people can make asses of themselves and become an internet star.
So onto Twitter. Twitter is a place where you create a profile and in quick sentences or thoughts “tweet” what you’re thinking or doing. It has also become where you gain followers who for some reason want to read about what you’re doing. These followers become a sort of status symbol, depending on how many you have and exactly who is following you. I will admit at this time to having 211 followers, perhaps a third of them being products or businesses. Though I also somehow have Miranda Cosgrove and a few other celebrities following me. I do find Twitter useful in that I get updates from the AP wire, CBSSportsline, and other news wires. I also use to keep up with what’s going on with some of the bands I like. I will admit to not being a fan of the character limit in that I tend to write in complete sentences and try to use correct punctuation. Which is hard to do with a 140 character limit. I also find the incessant pandering and celebrity ass-kissing to be incredibly annoying. It seems some create accounts just to suck up to their favorite celebs and then harass them all day to get a retweet or a follow, as if their whole life is hinged upon that one thing. I am strange enough in that I use the site to hold actual conversations with people, not just celebrities. Nor am I looking to follow every celebrity out there, just the ones whose work I enjoy. Speaking of celebrities, one thing I really enjoy about Twitter is that the site verifies said celebs. I’m not exactly how one is verified, but it cuts down on the posers and fakes. I’ll get to them in a minute. But I like knowing that the celebrity I’m talking to or that is following me is the true person.
The idea of a poser brings me to Facebook. Facebook is a different sort of social media site in that you create an account intended mainly for friends and family. I’m a little annoyed at this as I try to use this site to meet other people. If I wanted to just keep in touch with friends and family I’d use the flibbin’ phone. But it does keep me up to date with what they are doing, and has put me in touch with old friends that I’ve lost touch with. But on Facebook you can “like” certain pages for bands, tv shows, sport teams, interests, etc., and discuss said things with others who are of the same mind or not. It’s always nice to have an intelligent conversation which I find easier on Facebook than Twitter as you’re not limited to the amount of words. That and the amount of pandering is limited, mainly because its quickly lost in the amount of comments and questions. However Facebook doesn’t do anything to control its site really from fake pages and posers. So, what exactly is a poser? Well, that is a person who is either in need of attention or using the account for nefarious purposes. I have come across some of them in my years being on Facebook. Mostly fake celebs who are basically teens who have no lives and feel the need for attention, though I have come across some who created “regular” accounts for the same sad need. Supposedly I am friends with Selena Gomez for close to two years. Do I really think it’s her? Not really, as I have always had my doubts to her actuality. There are others like Miranda Cosgrove and a few others, though the doubts are there on them also. Some are quite good at, some are not. There are problems with verifying this, about the only way to do so is find the real celeb on Twitter or somewhere and ask them. This sort of happening is my main fault with Facebook. I do like it has afforded me the possibility of knowing others from places that I wouldn’t normally be able to. I have been able to do this on both sites and have been in touch with a few for some years now, and with some have become actual friends. So, I think at this point the pros outweigh the cons on both of these sites.
There are other social sites on the web and other places to make yourself know. You unfortunately have “bloggers” who for some reason are considered media and other such things. People like Perez Hilton, who technically is really nobody but because he writes a blog on the music business and celebrities is now a celebrity himself. He panders himself and shills, writes “critical” exposes on albums and such and for some reason is taken as the word of “God” by most. I haven’t quite understood the reason for this and others of his ilk. True, I have created this blog to perhaps get my own thoughts out there, but I am and will always give a true criticism on what’s going on. Supposedly I have readers to this blog, though are the numbers correct? Not sure as there has yet to be any actual comments. Perhaps my readers are too shy.
On a more personal note, I am still unemployed, though I have a good line on a part-time position at the hospital I volunteer at. Basically doing what I am volunteering as but getting paid for this. I am also at this point considering self-publishing my book. I’ll wait a few more weeks or so as I await word from one last publisher. After that I’ll look into finding an editor to read my manuscript. Beyond that, there’s not much going on, other than some problems with MA Revenue who somehow say I have not filed since 2002. What? Yep, so my account has been frozen and will be until they take $1500 out, and I refile 2007-2011. At that point I should get the money back into my account and I can move on.


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