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Four Days into the Olympics

Its July 31, 2012, technically day four of the 2012 Summer Olympics. I am a huge dork when it comes to the Olympics, the Summer games especially. I love the Track & Field, the gymnastics, everything. For example, right now I am up at 8:14am streaming live a badminton match between Baun of Denmark and Prokopenko. So far I haven’t seen too much happen beyond what should be happening. Though Phelps hasn’t looked like himself, but then this is his third Olympics. Also the reigning World Champ in women’s gymnastics, Jordan Weiber faltered Sunday and is out of the Individual All-Around, which allowed Aly Raismith to scoot in. I’m glad for Aly, a gymnast who I think is pretty good, an after-thought for most, and a Massachusetts native. The Men’s gymnasts completely sucked it up last night, failing on mainly the pommel horse. I caught some of what Ariel Hsing did in Table Tennis on Sunday and was impressed that a sixteen year old, playing for only five years, could come very close to beating the number two player in the world. I think that’s why I enjoy the Olympics; the underdogs, the unexpected happening, the whole sense of competition, anyone beating anyone on a given day. I am not one of those fans who care who the athletes are, where they come from, or at least I don’t need Ryan Seacrest telling me about their backstory. If I want to know who someone is, I can just as easily look them up. The Olympic website has a pretty good site for that. I’m just here to watch the sports. Nor do I always root for the US. Sometimes if there’s an athlete from some country that’s rarely competing I’m rooting for that person. But I don’t think I would fit in at the Olympics. I am not a very good sportsman, or at least a very good loser. Watching Hsing play the other day, I counted numerous times I would’ve just thrown my paddle and sworn. Not sure that would fit into the Olympic spirit. I would not cheat like it seems others feel the need to. However I would be there to win, and if I didn’t would probably be a bit pissed that I didn’t. And can I just say that the NBC night-time broadcast basically just sucks. The day-time has been pretty good, showing a variety of sports, most of them live. If they aren’t showing what I want, then I can just stream the damn thing. Which is precisely what I’m doing right now. But god forbid, NBC thinks you suck, or aren’t doing what you should be. After the Men’s started sucking up the floor last night, they were never shown again, nor was the actual even shown much. Very disappointing, for those that actually wanted to watch them regardless of how good they were doing. I wonder if they’ll do the same thing tonight if the women start going to crap.
On a personal note, I applied for a shipping job yesterday morning. As I was grocery shopping the woman called the house and I have an interview at 1:30 this afternoon. Very nice.

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