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A Day at the ER

So, my day at the ER began with this. My Dad was not feeling particularly well Tuesday night. Which can sometimes happen as he is highly diabetic. He was a bit chilled when he went to bed that night, and on the Fourth spent the entire day in bed. While not the best thing it can happen, and so instead of going to Old Sturbridge Village, I stayed home in case something happened. On Thursday morning, Mom finally decided to bring him to the hospital. So, we were able to get him outside to await the ambulance, she had called. By noon we had him at the ER… I sat out in the waiting room with my book (The Tale of Genji) and netbook keeping myself occupied. Here’s what we knew that day… His urinary tract became blocked creating an excess of fluid to build up in his body. What then happens, especially when he’s sleeping/lying in bed, is that the fluid builds up around his lungs creating other problems. This time however it also caused a little heart failure, and also a slight case of pneumonia. They are putting Lasix into his body to get rid of the fluid, and also have a catheter attached. They are going to run tests to see exactly what is going on, a couple of cat scans, and may throw a scope down to see if there’s been any damage to his heart. The main concern right now is the kidney that was transplanted a few years ago. They have him on oxygen to help with the breathing and while I was visiting yesterday he seemed in good spirits, sitting in a chair, eating a light dinner. If everything goes well, he should be home within the week. But it was an interesting day at the ER. Not as busy as I expected it. There was a short line when I first arrived, which became nothing an hour or so later, and then at 3pm became a short line again. By 4:30pm I was sent home by Mom. I also watched an old guy scoot through on his motorized scooter, park it in the middle of the floor, walk perfectly fine outside for a few minutes, and then drive away again. Guess its only for long walks… Also watched an elderly woman pull a jelly jar out of her pocketbook, which held something that looked like apple juice. She took a drink, closed it back up, and then left. That was interesting.

In other news, Mexico is going back to recount votes in its Presidential election as they were discrepancies in some of the ballots. As it was originally a close vote this could change the whole outcome. But it will be interesting. And Libya for the first time since Qaddahfi took over the country, is electing its Parliament. Yay, for Democracy! On Thursday I found that Sterling’s HR received my references so hopefully next week I’ll finally know if I have the job. Beyond that nothing to report.

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